“It was my absolute pleasure to work with the students of the Woodland Community School. The students were funny, articulate, and so eager to learn something new that it made my job teaching easy!” – Jennifer Liang

We were very excited to welcome students from Woodland Community School to 42 Maple in early April 2015 for a hands-on art class with Jennifer Liang of Blissful Lines. The children learned doodling and zentangle techniques, using a variety of mediums including pens, markers, inks and rubbing alcohol.

The students were introduced to the first phase of creating artistic doodles through repetition and patterns. In this phase each student receives a packet of different patterns to try as well as pencils and pens to keep for further practice on their own. Because we were trying to urge Spring and Spring flowers, students also had the choice of different flower and Spring images to fill with the patterns of their choice. Many chose flowers to design.

After snack the students learned a new art technique involving Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. Each student received a canvas board to design how ever they wanted. What yielded from this activity were some very colorful and beautiful works of art!

The kids from Woodland Community School will be returning on May 8th for another art class at 42 Maple. They will learn how to integrate color into their doodles as well as how to shade so that the image “pops” off the paper. We am really looking forward to seeing them all again!