42 Maple Contemporary Art Center invited area schools to participate in the unique writing challenge offered with Craig Pursley’s body of work, “Pieces of Dreams”, featured art for the month of January 2015.

Lori Innes, English teacher from Profile School accepted the challenge, and brought her AP Languange and Composition class to the gallery to study Craig’s art, choose a painting, and write a story or poem in 500 words or less. Also in attendance, was Littleton Courier editor Darrin Wipperman. The exercise was featured in a local newspaper. Please check out our Press page to read more about the experience.

Below is one of the many stories generated by Profile high school students as a result of this experience.


The House at Colfer Crossing

A crime that will go unpunished
for this world abides by nothing
shattering hope and hearts with every sunrise
drained this home of all its loving

Just another day of living
the rooster sings to the morning sun
a happy family breaths the country air
mom takes the dog for a morning run
Breakfast made up of chicken eggs
fresh like the juice from the apple tree
the soft homemade bread cooling in the window
what a wonderful day it was going to be
Sunshine spreads softly across the yard
birds perch on the few trees in the field
singing beautiful and mesmerizing songs
and pecking the ground for a wormy meal
The house was then a workhouse
chores completed to perfection
all rooms cleaned, shelves washed and wiped
not a spec of dust and no exceptions
Five children with parents and pets
the house is spotless in no time
what else is there to do on a hot summer day?
all the children are paid a dime
They wish to do something unordinary
not for everyone but for them
Its 35 minutes to the nearest town
the day will never end
two of their boys age 12 and 14
follow their dad for a job
a horrible storm destroyed the fence
with this mother had started to sob
“how would you to leave?” says father
“To go on an adventure?”
“lets go into town.”
“And spend money to your pleasure”
the boys were pleased
completely and entirely excited
when they ran inside
this wonderful idea, they Just couldn’t hide it
The whole family now knows
and they begin to make their plan
its been awhile since they’ve driven the Whippet
they can’t wait to drive it through the land
The packed food and snacks
enough to last a week
their cupboards are now empty
the car was filled, blue paint shiny and sleek
Three small girls are dressed up
their hair is washed and brushed
as they all prepare they lose track of time
they look at the clock and its time for lunch
Crammed in the humid car
the key is turned to create a rumble
the vehicle purrs and shakes
the house is blurred out
by the dust the tires make
Mom passes out sandwiches
for lunch that they had missed
father is distracted
and the car is hit.
An oblivious train speeds through
five innocent lives were slain
happiness turned to horrible tragedy
and left to live it, the two boys remain.
After this the house was untouched
the boys grew apart
but a promise was made between them
to meet back at the start.
Many years later the younger boy went
he sat in a chair facing the door
there was a pressure in his old heart
next he fell to the floor
His brother arrived late
the sky dark as night
to find him dead on the ground
this house took everyone in his life

He was left to wonder
what has he done?