Already a space for several working artists and varied activities, 42 Maple recently added to the array of talent there. Valery Mahuchy, a highly regarded international sculptor, now works at the studio and gallery.

Angel Larcom, co-curator at 42 Maple, is very happy to bring Mahuchy’s talent to the region. “We’re thrilled,” she said, to host such an inspiring person and artist.”

During a show in December, Mahuchy visited 42 Maple with a fellow sculptor from Massachusetts. Finding that hi liked the region so much, Larcom said Mahuchy decided to make the move further north.

Mahuchy has only been in the United States for five months. In the month that he has worked at 42 Maple, as Larcom pointed out, Mahuchy has created several new sculptures. The great Belarusian talent “works in all mediums,” Larcom added, including bronze, clay, resin, wood and metal.

Born in Belarus in 1959, Mahuchy graduated from teh sculpture department of teh Academy of the Arts in Minsk in 1988. Mahuchy found a fascination with art at an early age. By the time he was three years old, he was hooked on the power of creative enterprises.

“America is the center of world art,” Mahuchy said at 42 Maple last week. He decided to come to the United States to find new material, including the tremendous landscapes of New England.

The constant drive to find new ideas and try different techniques fuels Mahuchy’s work, he noted. “Sculpture is my whole life,” Mahuchy added in an artist’s statement. “By its form,” he wrote, sculpture “brings understanding of the fact that life has more characteristics, that it is versatile.”

Mahuchy’s formative years were spent in Vitebsk, Belarus. “My understanding of interaction between monumental and decorative forms and urban surroundings came from my time in Vitebsk,” according to the artist’s statement.

Marc Chagall was one of Mahuchy’s inspirations. Born near Vitebsk in 1887, Chagall was a distinguished artist who lived nearly 100 years. Several pieces of Mahuchy’s feature Chagall.

Immediately on his visit to Bethlehem, Larcom said of Mahuchy, “He fell in love with 42 Maple and the vibe here.” The studio and gallery is inviting the public to meet Mahuchy and see his work. An event slated for 6pm to 8pm on Feb 27 will feature sculptures Mahuchy has made since his arrival at 42 Maple. Larcom added that Mahuchy is interested in doing commissioned work for area residents. The event on the 27th will be a chance to speak with 42 Maple about that possibility.

A book in both Russian and English that discusses Mahuchy’s career is now at 42 Maple. Dozeons of pictures of his sculptures, including pieces entitled “Crucified the Moon” and “allegory of Fire” are included in the book.

A member of the Belarusian Artists’ Union, Mahuchy has recently become a member of WREN as well, Larcom said. “Mahuchy’s work is shown all over the world,” Larcom added. Now the North Country has a chance to see what the latest set of talented hands at 42 Maple can do.