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A recent immigrant to America, Valery Mahuchy is an accomplished teacher and sculpture artist from Vitebsk, Belarus in Russia, with a career that has spanned more than two decades. Mahuchy graduated from the Belarus Academy of Arts, has had many books published, and has been an active member of the Belarusian Union of Artists since 1995.


I didn’t choose my path in life. I always knew what I would be – or rather what I would become. When adults asked me about it even at my early age I invariably answered – an artist. This I knew but could not explain what was meant by it. There was no one belonging to the sphere of art either in my family circle or the environment where I spent my years of childhood.

From my childhood, I remember one episode in the slightest detail as the brightest impression of my life. I was 3 years old. My parents bought me a box of plasticine. I opened the cover – there, on one side lay some edged bars, on the other side – already molded little animals and birds. I remember that summer day. At the time it was a sensation of miracle. And this sensation is still present in my memory.

Since that time, always when I take plasticine or clay in my hands the same feelings arise. The process of plastic creative activities makes this world bright and unordinary for me.

Sculpture is my whole life, it is what I am anxious about in this reality, what I am eager to talk about and to share with people. Sculpture, by its form, plastic and three-dimensional nature, brings understanding of the fact that life has more characteristics, that it is versatile, beautiful, permeated with high spirituality. Many phenomena of our life which seems to be casual and simple turn out to have deep meaning. And naivety sometimes masks the truth which I am trying to approach through sculpture.

I was not born into a family of artists. It was divine providence that underlay this fact. The process of my formation was long. Nobody swept out stones from under my feet on this road, which I am sincerely grateful for.

I returned to Vitebsk in 1988 just after graduation from Belarus State Theatre and Art Institute in Minsk ( now the Academy of Arts). My diploma reads: a sculptor, an artist, a teacher. I spent twenty years creating in Vitebsk before coming to America. My understanding of interaction between monumental and decorative forms and urban surroundings came from my time in Vitebsk, Belarus.


Valery Mahuchy was born in Belarus in 1959 and graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of the Arts in Minsk in 1988. He has been a member of the Belarusian Artists’ Union since 1995. Valery has participated in solo and group exhibits in Vitebsk, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Germany. His work is displayed in museums and private collections in Belarus, America, Israel, Germany, France, Russia and the Ukraine.

1982-1988 – Sculpture Department of the Academy of the Fine Art in Minsk, Belarus
1989 – The winner of an international competition for a monument to the eternal memory of soldiers in Moscow, Russia
1990 – The winner of a republican competition for a monument to the war heroes in Orsha, Belarus
1991 – The winner of the competition for a monument to the Battle Gryunevald in 1410 in Vitebsk, Belarus
1998 – The winner of the competition for a monument to the artist Kazimir Malevich in Vitebsk, Belarus
2005 – Author prize of the International Art Festival, Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus
2010 – The winner of the Republican competition for the equestrian statue of Prince Olgerd in Vitebsk, Belarus
2011 – Was awarded the Jubilee Medal 20 years International Festival of Arts Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus
2012 – Donated 20 copyright sculptures to the city of Vitebsk, Belarus

1994 – “Sculpture, Medals” in Vitebsk, Belarus
1995 – “Wood-Straw” in Vitebsk, Belarus
1996 – “Neportretny Portrait” in Vitebsk, Belarus
1998 – “Exhibition Valery Mahuchy” in Vitebsk, Belarus
2000 – “Skulpturen” in Marklohe, Germany
2001 – “Mahuchy and a Family” in Vitebsk, Belarus
2003 – “Metaphysics Form” in St. Petersburg, Russia
2003 – “Famous People of Belarus” in Vitebsk, Belarus
2007 – “120 Anniversary of the Artist M Chagall”
2009 – “From Realism to Modernism” in Vitebsk, Belarus
2012 – “Gift the City of Vitebsk” in Vitebsk, Belarus

1987 – “The 40th Anniversary of the Belarusian State Theatre and Art Institute” in Minsk, Belarus
1989 – “The artist and the Environment” in Minsk, Belarus
1990 – “To the 500th Anniversary of F. Skorina” in Minsk, Belarus
1991 – “Search and Experiment” in Minsk, Belarus
1993 – “Humanity and Faith” Minsk, Belarus
1994 – “The 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Belarus” in Minsk, Belarus
1998 – “Conceptual Art” in Vitebsk, Minsk, and Pskov, Belarus, Russia
2000 – “Artists of Vitebsk and Vitebsk Region” in Minsk, Belarus
2003 – “Frankfurt on the Oder – Vitebsk”
2003 – “Frankfurt on the Oder – Germany”
2004 – Schoenheit Verschiedener Vormen.” in Loceum, Germany
2005 – “Spring of Vitebsk” in Minsk, Belarus
2006 – “Art Without Borders” in Vitebsk, Russia
2007 – “Second International Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, The Project”
2007 – “Believe”
2007-2008 – “Belarus-Modern” in Nienburg, Germany
2008 – “Artists of Vitebsk- 70th Anniversary of the Area” in Vitebsk, Belarus
2008 – “Marah Couts” in Minsk, Belarus
2008-2009 – “The Best” in Vitebsk, Belarus

Work is displayed in museums and private collections in Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Sweden, and the United States of America.



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