Opening Reception
Friday, January 4, 2019


When her family joked that Trissa Tilson was born with a crayon in each hand, they didn’t realize just how close to the truth that was. Born into a family of artists, Tilson has been creating in some form or another for as long as she, or anyone that she knows can remember.

Starting with comic book art and slowly evolving over the years, into the strange, darkly whimsical illustrations that they are today, she has had no formal education in the arts, a self-taught artist. While she has done relatively few art shows, instead focusing more on the pleasure of creating, she has been featured in NH Magazine and has shown her art locally as well as across the country. Today she works as a tattoo artist in northern New Hampshire with her family and paints in her spare time.

Regarding her exhibition, titled “Kevin”, Tilson says, “I am not sure I actually know a person named Kevin. Its such a good, normal name, so what better thing to do than to pair the mundane life of a Kevin with less than mundane imagery.”

“The point in naming my show and pieces as such is so the viewer can draw their own stories and conclusions from my work. As an artist, I feel that while a narrative in work is important, it is equally important to allow the audience to create their own stories from what they see, passing the creativity along to another. Surrealism doesn’t have to make sense. It’s not supposed to.”