2016-babsperkinsJanuary 2016



Opening Reception
Friday, January 8th, 2016
“When I photograph it is as much a way for me to absorb and comprehend who I am and what I have seen, as it is a means to share my experiences. By immersing myself in a place with no agenda or itinerary or list to check I start to understand how a place breathes. Its rhythms, its habits, its quirks. Then as I begin to comprehend, I not only look, but see…the person or place revealing itself.

I am inspired to examine and explore the lines on a face, the weave of a fabric, the set of a brick, and the folds of the land, searching for clues to origin and history and by extension learning about my own.

The photographs in this series are both a literal representation of what I saw and experienced over the course of nearly 9 months of travel to the Balkans since 2012, but they also act as personal bookmarks or placeholders in a story of self discovery. Each category of images, that is people or places, is also a conceptual representation of a hurdle overcome, a fear faced or an anxiety conquered.

Every image in this series has it’s own unique story to tell…be it strife or triumph, sadness or celebration. Each a moment in time, captured, retained, held. Representative of itself, suggestive of greater and a mirror of all.”