Vallerie Fenimore
The ArtWorks Custom Framing

Vallerie Fenimore was born in NH and has been a native of Bethlehem since 1969. A love of local beauty and natural surroundings seemed to direct her towards doing something with what Mother Nature has given us. She said she wasn’t sure early on.

Eventually, Vallerie took a job working for a local landscaping company doing mostly perennial garden design and ended up being operation’s manager. This is where she said she honed her skills applying form, color, texture, function and spatial relationship to design.

After some life changing circumstance, Vallerie ended up as a clerk and assistant custom picture framer at The ArtWorks in Littleton, NH. Custom framing used all the skills she had learned as a landscape designer, and she was in heaven! Her natural affinity to attention and detail made it a perfect fit. As time went by, Vallerie became manager and senior custom picture framer. Ultimately she purchased the business and worked it for a total of 27 years.

Then it was time to think of retirement, she was ready to get out of retailing. Her gardens were calling! But due to her customers’ response, she made the decision to continue offering the custom picture framing that she had grown to love.

And now she is at 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center with a new space to do custom picture framing, surrounded by other artists in an environment full of creativity! A new chapter!!