July 2015

Sirpa Cowell

Opening Reception
Friday, June 5, 2015

sirpacowellSirpa Cowell is a designer and artist from Finland, a culture where Art and Design are viewed as not only complementary, but essential to each other. Her current paintings clearly exhibit this mentality, melding the two disciplines into a single whole. Inspired by traditional Eastern European floral motifs with a nod to 18th century botanical drawings, she draws heavily from her Scandinavian background with simple, stylish forms and strong, fresh colors. In this show she is showing her new bold flowers on black background and works that combine North Country fauna and glitter.

Sirpa is a successful product designer and illustrator with a particular passion for textile design. She has created illustrations and designs for companies in Europe, Asia and the US. In addition to her design work she has studied printmaking and traditional painting and her work has been featured in small gallery venues, trade shows and magazines internationally.

She is a founding member of Modus, a professional Arts and Crafts association in Finland, and has served as a Provincial Art Council member for Design and Children’s Culture. Sirpa arrived in the US in 2005 and is currently living Bethlehem, NH with her husband and 2 girls. She works as independent consultant in the design field and paints in her studio at home.

Bold beauty, with a touch of fun and the unexpected, would describe her current work.