Opening Reception
Friday, June 7, 2019


“I am essentially a street photographer. I have also created street art. Since I cannot be working in this medium 24/7, I decided to take my art form to another level – something I can do in the evenings or when I have had enough photography.”

Caplain has adapted his street art photography into three-dimensional wall hangings. The hooked rugs are put on monk’s cloth and hooked with wool yarn. Caplain says he occasionally chooses to juxtapose two source images and then interprets the street art with his own color palettes and shape variations. Many of Caplain’s hooked rug pieces are based on his photography from various countries he has visited over the years. Several are created using yarns that he has purchased abroad. Caplan says the process of creating hooked rug “paintings” is a meditative and oftentimes mindless experience that gives him a great deal of pleasure.

Ron Caplain began photographing in the 1970s as a landscape photographer. In the 80’s he became interested in street work and people and that is where he is today. Although he has not had any formal training he has taken many workshops including Ansel Adams, George Tice, and Joel Meyerowitz.