October 2014

Robert Anderson

Opening Reception
Friday, October 3, 2014

robert-anderson-thRobert Andersen was originally born in Denmark and immigrated to Australia with his parents when he was nine years old. On the fourth of July 2013 he proudly became an American citizen, but because of the three different countries he has called home you could say he is kind of multinational.

Robert started drawing when he was very young, it started as pencil drawings that soon became pen and ink. He really liked working in black and white and he loves the power and difficulty in drawing with ink. It is an unforgiving medium, no room for mistakes as there is no eraser for black ink. Robert has always loved wildlife and loved to draw it, however he likes to work from reference photos to try and capture the true details. The hardest part has always been getting good reference photos, then a few years ago he got passionate about wildlife photography, which now also provides him with great reference photos.

Robert started doing photography as a serious hobby about thirteen years ago, not long after meeting the love of his life. She has always had an eye for photography and saw things in a different way than what he did and inspired him to take photography more seriously. It’s been a hard long road getting to where he is now with lots of mistakes and what he calls cry shots, but the journey has been amazing. The awesome photos they have been getting of American wildlife inspired him to get back to the drawing board and he did a quantity of pen and ink drawings of mainly moose, loons, bear and eagle.