Opening Reception
Friday, July 5, 2019


Ricky Golden is showing his newest expression of the nude form painted in a style he calls “gestural painting open style” which he says encapsulates the freest and truest form of expression. The gesture drawings that he has studied for many years really captures the form not only in free expression but also in the truest form as it is the instinct of the artist’s brain and hand motor skill that is expressed by the simple stroke.

This project includes forms painted most recently on nine-foot corrugated tin panels that he salvaged from a completely burned down and destroyed house that stood across from his studio in St. Johnsbury Center. The panels spoke to him; “They have a natural smoke and fire as well as elemental pattern from not only enduring the fire scorch but also from years of protecting the roof of a building and changing to rusty and withered from the harsh rains and snows of Vermont’s beautiful but brutal four seasons of weather.”

After coating the panels in a transparent protective and sealing them with an undercoating, he determines the best of the two sides as well as the purest and most appealing and interesting way to look at the panel before he applies any of the human shapes. His inspirational nude forms come mainly from the mirror photographs and other types of so-called “selfies” that people take and share with others from their phones. He then sketches and makes smaller studies first as well
as envisioning the paintings before undertaking the actual wet dripping stylistic gesture painting itself. Usually using quick original thought stokes to capture and express the form, the image comes to life in its own way, allowing the wet acrylic paint to drip and find its way across and down the corrugation; the old nail and screw holes of the naturally seasoned tin panels.

Returning to present a new stroke here and there, the initial lines and strokes–and therefore the thoughts of the artist–are seen in their purest and truest form. “I feel like these new paintings are a flash capture of a moment in time that my wild ever moving brain has focused enough for a second to capture my thoughts and brain function that allows me to create an image and painting all throughout my life.