August 3 – September 3, 2018


Opening Reception
Friday, August 3, 2018

A 2016 Profile High School graduate and rising Junior at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, Raven Larcom has begun to perfectly fuse her two passions; biology and fine art with a dual major. Twice named to the Dean’s List, the youngest inductee into St. Lawrence’s Art and Art History Honorary Society, and a recipient of a coveted research fellowship, Larcom has spent the summer of 2018 immersed in entomological research, specifically wing interference patterns in Robber Flies. During the process of her research, she also began to document the beauty of insects with photography.

Though many are adverse to insects, these creatures play several necessary ecological roles without which we could not survive. Recently, the media has directed attention to the plummeting global bee populations, however, these are not the only important insects that are facing extinction.

Larcom says, “Through my undergraduate research, I realized the immense unexplored beauty and diversity of the insect world. In my work, I aim to merge fine art and biology in a way which challenges preconceived notions of beauty and comfort and brings attention to the hidden worlds around us.”

For this photo series, Larcom chose to reverse the relative scale of insects, allowing the viewers to observe them in a new way – one which nearly humanizes them in an effort to demonstrate their beauty and importance.