September 1 – October 2, 2017



Opening Reception
Friday, September 1, 2017

Scruffy-looking word herder, merchant of fiction. The author of Gravenfrost, Antillia, and The Mermaid of Maxport, Peter also happens to create an amazing amount of mixed media artwork that’s subversive, Low Brow,  and in the artist’s own words– “art that’s fun for fun’s sake! No agendas! No pretense! Just ‘hey, check out this thing I did’!” Find out for yourself why his exhibit is called “Oops! I Arted”.

“The patron saint of bourbon and hearty laughter.”
– Trick the Bastard, Coney Island performer

“Magnificent bastard.”
– Eli Rose, Debonair Mystic

“I swear he was a normal pregnancy.”
– Mom