September 2015

Megan Stearns & Larrie Bratko

Opening Reception
Friday, September 4, 2015

Megan Stearns is a resident of the Old North End of Burlington, Vermont. She moved to Vermont on a whim in 2009, and quickly fell in love with the landscape and communities. A lifelong artist, Megan’s pursuit of art has led her down several different paths. She’s designed tee-shirts and other apparel, illustrated a children’s educational book on Africa, decoratively painted furniture, and depicted all manner of subject matter on commission. Megan also enjoys graphic design.

Larrie is an established artist and craftsman from Lunenburg, Vermont whose joy and enthusiasm is apparent in his diverse collection of hand-carved works. “For most of my life I have tried to live simply and have fun. In 2009, I was able to construct a small building to raise bonsai trees and to carve wood. In 2010 I carved a bowl out of Red Mallee burl I bought at a wood turner’s shop. It was a wonder to me to have the wood keep changing as I carved. I next started taking interesting looking hardwood logs and burls from the woodshed. The wonder and stories from carving wood have never stopped.
My work is my expression of Wabi-Sabi.”