September 2014

Lisa Tremblay

Opening Reception
Friday, September 5, 2014 7-9pm

The Deconstruction of Naturalism is 1 of 6 pieces in an on-going series of paintings titled, “The Negative Truths – Part 1” is a representation on Social Awareness. They are fairly large acrylic paintings with a poster type quality to them. Lisa added text to reinforce her message and partly for sarcasm. These paintings mimic the negative side to the choices we as a society make and sometimes follow in the oblivion of everyday life.

Our society is consumed by: Electronics, Internet, Commercialism, Politics, Image, the list is endless. Lisa has created these pieces as a reminder that things are out of control. Her goal is to leave the viewer thinking about what is going on around them and researching within themselves if there is room for change.

Lisa will also be showing a grouping of portraits depicted in very different ways along with a glimpse of 2 pieces that will be another series about dreams & nightmares.