Oct. 5-29, 2018


Opening Reception
Friday, October 5, 2018

How Can Nothing Weigh So Much?

Much of my work reflects the creative struggle, the psyche and how lack of creativity can often affect the sense of self. The work is also a direct result of that lack of creativity, what I like to call my “creative paralysis” period, where I battle fits of depression followed by a burst of creativity due to this depression. The work you do somehow, any work, defines your sense of worth and if you can not fulfill it, it affects us greatly.

Other pieces further touch on the downside of the pursuit of the American Dream, a recurring theme in the work I create. I also focus on works that are filled with Creatures, Ghosts and Shadows, which somehow become less absurd as the direction of our world becomes more so.


Justin Weingartner studied Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He focuses on Digital Illustration, Pen & Ink, Charcoal, and Pencil illustration as his medium.

The inspiration behind his work is the stuff of daydreams, a slightly off-kilter version of our own world. Strange creatures roam and shadows live lives of their own. His artwork reflects what Justin calls, the “American Nightmare”, the struggle that one finds in the pursuit of obtaining the American Dream. It is not strictly limited to Americans, but a worldly or universal dream, one that existed since the days of hunters and gatherers.

Because Justin grew up with a fondness for comics and graphic novels, his work is more than just the image; there is often a story behind it. He is currently working on his first graphic novel collection, “The Evidence”. He resides in Brooklyn, New York.