November 2 – December 4, 2018

Jason Tors

Artist Reception
Friday, November 2, 2018

The first thing Jason remembers drawing was a clown, he was standing on top of a very small dog holding a balloon. The teacher thought it was wonderful, his mom thought it was brilliant and that is when he discovered that I was good at something and that something was called art.

Throughout elementary school, middle school and high school Jason was the go-to guy for anything art related. He was obsessed with drawing Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes. Later on, it was comics, specifically X-Men. All the while he tinkered with early typesetting and graphic design programs on his grandfather’s computer.

In 1993 he got accepted to Skidmore College in Saratoga Spring NY. After delusions of grandeur thinking, he would be a Sociology major he focused his attention on Studio Art, specifically photography, printmaking and graphic design. In 1997 he received a B.S. in Studio Art. Yea, as B.S… go figure. After graduating he set off for New York City.

Dotcoms were booming in NYC, Jason soon found that his skills with Photoshop were in high demand and landed himself a job at a startup. While discovering his new city Jason took to the streets taking black and white multiple exposure photos of urban decay and graffiti. Later on, he got in on a shared studio space in Chinatown and started painting. Meanwhile, his employers paid for a continuing education course in typography with Ed Benguiat which helped solidify Jason’s growing understanding of typographic form and rhythms.

Dotcom boom went bust and Jason left the big city in 2001. He found himself settled in northern NH, working at Garnet Hill at the web designer and drawn in by the great hiking, wonderful mountains, and snowboarding. He continued to paint and make art. In 2010 he became gallery assistant at Bad Art. In 2014 he opened The Loading Dock, a multidisciplinary Art space above Bad Art in Littleton NH. Jason painted two murals in Littleton and one in Franconia. In 2016 he became a councilor for the New Hampshire Council on the Arts.