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Heidi Vaughn

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The arts run in Heidi’s blood. Reared in a family of musicians, writers, artists and photographers, her entire childhood was steeped in creative processes. Some of her earliest memories involve watching her father drawing on the walls of her home, creating detailed and beautiful images. Her father shared his passion and taught Heidi sculptural clay work and figure drawing.

Heidi’s mother has been a photographer for as long as Heidi can remember, and has a deft eye for nature photography. Another element of Heidi’s formative years was spent developing photos side by side with her mother in the photo labs. It was here, Heidi first got her taste for photography, as she learned how to develop and correct imagery, as well as hand-color black and white photos for wedding packages, something that is nearly a lost art form today.

As Heidi got older, she spent a great deal of her education on the artistic process, learning the foundations of art as well as a variety of mediums and techniques, in addition to several years of architectural training. Today, she passes the passion for creativity on to her two young children.

Because of the nature of her background, Heidi does not limit herself to one focus or material. Historically, she has exhibited a great deal of control in executing technique. Her latest body of work is all about letting go and losing control. Through this particular painting technique, she grounds, centers, relaxes and works with her mediums rather than forcing the direction of any given piece of work.