Opening Reception
Friday, March 1, 2019


“Moments of Time” features the contemporary fantasy photography of Ellen Goddard-Jacques. A New Hampshire based artist, Goddard-Jacques was born and raised in New York, New York. She is a member of the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association, Lake Regions Art Association of New Hampshire, and Professional Photographers of America. She has shown her work at the former WREN Gallery and continues to be featured at the Lakes Region Art Association Gallery.

Growing up in the fashion capital of the world, Goddard-Jacques has always been fascinated by the beauty and fashion industry. Barbie was being released during her childhood, and though Barbie became controversial, the doll was a large influence early on in Goddard-Jacques’ life. Barbie inspired young girls, including Goddard-Jacques, and made her believe that women could do anything, have anything, and become anything.

Before retirement, Goddard-Jacques worked alongside some of the biggest names in the hair and fashion industry. Now, she spends her time pursuing her love of portrait photography. Her favorite career aspect is giving women the chance to express themselves, through her art. A great deal of her portrait work features women in roles of strength, leadership, and raw human emotion.

Goddard-Jacques believes humans are forged through the challenges of life, and capturing that strength on camera is some of her favorite work. She has always believed beauty can be found in many different elements. If we look for it, we will find it. Goddard-Jacques is passionate about creating artwork that will captivate her viewers and evoke human emotion. The magic behind her work is the story that each print tells, and there are many stories that have yet to be told.

According to Goddard-Jacques, “Portrait photography is my absolute favorite. I would describe my style as contemporary fantasy. Capturing raw emotion, and getting lost in the moment is when I find the most unique pieces are created. I am passionate about the entire process of creating. There is so much that goes into getting ‘the shot’. The stories and memories of each photo shoot are something I am thankful to have. Finding the right models, learning about each other and creating the perfect artist/model balance is incredibly important. Creating the environment for each unique piece is where my mind loves to run wild. My artwork is inspired by various emotions I have felt throughout my life. I strive to be different, stand out in a gallery, and offer art that is out of the norm, giving women their individual voices to express themselves.”