Opening Reception
Friday, September 6, 2019


“I am a creator; I always have been and always will be. Because I embraced this at an early age, I have been able to explore many paths for my art already and I’m always exploring to find the next inspiration and medium. “

Dylan Frazier (b. 1993) is a multi-potentialite artist born and raised in New Hampshire. Although mainly self-taught, Dylan cultivated his creativity throughout his scholastic career through classes at New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College as well as Vermont’s Lyndon State College (now Northern Vermont University).

Having looked up to artists such as Salvadore Dali and Shepard Fairey, Dylan grew an affinity to their freedom of expression through many mediums. This, in turn, has lead Dylan to create on various paths including assemblage, photography, graphic design, and painting. This freedom has given him the ability to not only create on a whim for himself but to create for people directly. His works can be found in shops around New Hampshire as well as gracing the covers of many musical releases, show posters for national and international acts, as well as merchandise.

“Missionary (Juxta)position” is a look inside the chaotic mind of Dylan Frazier. From three-dimensional sculptures and instillation pieces to two-dimensional photography and paintings, Dylan aims to tell stories beyond face value and beyond the norm.