November 2015


Art Opening
Friday, November 6th, 2015

event-tabA Colorado native, I’ve wandered through life reading, writing, drawing, and playing music…soaking in anything weird, strange, and unsettling. Smelling the flowers and shooting the moon, smiling and screaming, always wanting to make stuff.

My life is paint, I am a painting contractor by day, and a self-proclaimed (though not too loudly) artist by night. I earned my degree in English Literature from Colorado State University, and my days as a writer bleed into and influence the tiny narrative I create with paint. At my job I do massive projects, so coming home I like to focus my energy into small, terse surreal expressions.

My subject matter is mainly animal, and on occasion the human animal, but the wildlife in my home of Colorado is my favorite to express. The strange mutants I paint come from my perception of the animals around me, the way my mind interprets their sacred, extra-sensory position in the natural world. I work mainly with gouache watercolor and micron pen, but have been known to use charcoal and acrylic as well (maybe someday oils will come back into my life).

Painting is my outlet, my way of staying sane and compartmentalizing/narrating the world of life around me.