Dugg Desjardins is an American painter with a Universal creative edge, he is a world bridger bringing the beauty of the natural world to any surface, his ability to transform found objects into delightfully magical worlds of Forest and Ocean is his signature.

A native of the White Mountains he has exhibited and muraled in Maine, New York, North Carolina, Florida, California and Central America( Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico D.F), he is a two times exhibitor at the exclusive International Outsider Art fair in NYC. Dugg has graced Block Island, RI with his work for over 12 years.

The artist draws his creativity from his daily encounters with nature, his love for life and thru the eyes of an innocent inner child he translates to any surface the essence of life, Pure Joy, Love and Creativity.

ebruary 2 – 26, 2018


Opening Reception
Friday, February 2, 2018


Doug Desjardins was born in northern n.h in 1912…………
just kidding just making sure yur paying attention!  He was born way bak in the 70’s  he is a lover of the sea the earth and alchemy a traveling wilberry filled with poetry tales of  bushwaKING TO SECRET SPOTS and magical places where ancient energies swirl  and pearl together  creating dreams  leading us all bak to who we really are inside!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……in love with the magical circle of life………………..sending out good vibes to all in need heed or who have seen the mystery come alive inside again for the first time or eternally forrever blink yur eyes and feel yur heart rise in this moment……………………