May 4-28, 2018


Opening Reception
Friday, May 4, 2018


One is a boring number and seems very limiting. While it signifies a new beginning, it is very autonomous. Artist often work alone but there work often represents us. Therefore, David works in a variety of mediums. Painting, printmaking, found object sculpture and photography. His most recent body of work focus on rail trails in New Hampshire. While it almost always beings with a specific place the final work especially in painting the emphasized is placed on the social activity and its current use.

The historical context of rail trails may be identified several ways. Firstly, is engineered landscape of its own right providing social/economic value to the industrial age. In light and pursuit of a healthier lifestyle these places when no longer a viable generator to the economy have been transformed into recreational use with the supports of private and public effort.

The rail trail is the backdrop but with his paintings, he is trying to create a visual intensive experience focusing on point of view using brilliant and contrasting color. The work is not plane-air nor is aesthetic considered. It falls within the frame contemporary conceptual landscape and intentional highlights the activity and visually.

The paintings themselves are built up with layers of paint, heavy brush stroke and generous amounts applied with the pallet knife. David strives to create lots of texture and wants his viewers to look deep into the frame. The final finish uses variant forms of gloss and neo-megilp and other mediums mixed in kind with the alchemist.

“This body of work illustrates my love for cycling and the outdoors. It is my goal to challenge the viewing of the opportunities afforded cyclist to who engage in a healthy lifestyle activity could also be beneficial to other if they engage a similar or other active pastimes. Because cycling is an outside activity person who participates get to enjoy fresh air and the beautiful environment while traveling to various places and meeting new people.”