42 Maple Contemporary Art Center invited area schools to participate in the unique writing challenge offered with Craig Pursley’s body of work, “Pieces of Dreams”, featured art for the month of January 2015.

Lori Innes, English teacher from Profile School accepted the challenge, and brought her AP Languange and Composition class to the gallery to study Craig’s art, choose a painting, and write a story or poem in 500 words or less. Also in attendance, was Littleton Courier editor Darrin Wipperman. The exercise was featured in a local newspaper. Please check out our Press page to read more about the experience.

Below is one of the many stories generated by Profile high school students as a result of this experience.


Clarinet Meadow

The man and his canoe drift slowly through the pristine paradise of his childhood imagination, reflecting upon the creativity of his youth. The bluebird sky and mirror lake was once his utopia. He can taste the slight humidity as the last of the fog burns off of the lake and recedes into the hills. He admires his diligent work, restoring the clarinets to former beauty, recreating them in his mind to assure that they will not depreciate with time. He is the grandson of the last of his kind, the immortals, and has been assigned and burdened with the task of assuring that the 3 great monoliths and 7 other worldly wonders still hold their former beauty.

Not every day is as perfect as today, great rains come to rip at the hinges of the flaps of the clarinet. He battles entropy every day as the universe tries to take from him what few possessions he has. However the rain rejuvenates the rest of the landscape, bringing forth new growth in the local forests and glade. This world is free of heterotrophs, instead autotrophs live in a calm war battling each other for the nutrients from the sun in the few hours that they have before the skies are covered once again for two decades.

The humans left the earth 2015 years ago due to the copious amounts of nuclear weapons that were detonated over what was once North Korea. North Korea’s rockets were intercepted by their own defense system, leading to their demise. Before the humans left, they constructed the wonders to remain for the time when humans could finally return.

Part of his task, besides maintaining the clarinets, is to manufacture a replacement for himself as well as to recharge his own power cell using the excess hydrogen that was created during the war. His clone is not used immediately, instead, he stores it in the underground bunker that he has been carving out of the granite bedrock for thousands of years. In the few days that he is out of standby mode, he carves hieroglyphs into the wall. Every 10 years he has been programmed to build one clay soldier, slowly creating a motionless army that will never be discovered.

The great rainstorms are due to arrive shortly, drenching the landscape in blankets of water. The trees with draw their sap into the roots and abscise their leaves, preparing for the cold of the next decade. “Twenty years later it begins again.”