isa miller-white“This year I’ve had the opportunity to work with some new materials and experiment with my technique. I have been working with different types of printing techniques on clay, layer prints, ink on fabric and figure drawing. I have also developed a fascination with the relationship between beauty and fear. Such as how shape, color, and repetition affect our emotion. I find this aspect a driving force in my art.

Since I began creating art, I have always drawn a lot of inspiration from the outdoors. Many of my pieces are woven around nature in some way or another. My favorite part about printmaking is the efficiency, it’s fluid and rhythmic. A professor once told me he loved printmaking because “if you sit in a studio and paint or 24 hours you’ll have one painting, but if you sit in a studio and print for 24 hours you’ll have hundreds of prints.” I very much enjoy the fact that prints can be so efficiently made, they can be readily available and affordable for the everyday art lover.”


Lost Dog Salon is named in honor of the late Dr. George Manupelli, and through a partnership with local art educators, is devoted exclusively to featuring artwork by our area’s young talent. Art teachers from many regional schools select students and determine whether exhibits will be individuals or group exhibitions. The curators at 42 Maple work alongside the art teachers to foster a visceral, real-world experience for budding local talent.

In the truest form of mentorship, featured student artists have an immersive experience into the art world when they become a featured artist. They learn how to write artist statements, how to install their artwork, how to curate the space in a pleasing visual way, and gain firsthand experience of a full opening reception alongside the featured artist in the main gallery.

The students that have shown their artwork in Lost Dog Salon have been able to list this experience on college applications, and many have found themselves the recipients of such surprising additional experiences as become models for seasoned portrait painters and receiving local internships.